ARCTIC MX-5 (2 g, Incl. Spatula) - Ultimate Performance Thermal Paste for All Processors (CPU, GPU - PC, PS4, Xbox), high Thermal Conductivity, Long Durability, Safe Application, Non-Conductive

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Our technician's preferred thermal compound!

MX-5 2g (inkl. Spachtel)

Outstanding Results

Highest Thermal Conductivity

Easy Application

Safe Application

Outstanding Results

With its new formula, the MX-5 allows a low minimum bondline thickness and thus features in combination with a high thermal conductivity a very low thermal resistance. Thanks to its non-drying and non-bleeding properties, it guarantees a good long-term performance.

Lowest Thermal Resistance

The surfaces of processor chips and cooler floors are covered with microscopic dents; ARCTIC‘s MX-5 thermal paste is composed of carbon microparticles which fill these cavities. This leads to high thermal conductivity, guaranteeing that heat is dissipated efficiently from the CPUs, GPUs or power semiconductor components.

Easy Application

Thanks to its consistency, MX-5 is easy to apply, even for beginners. The video in the picture gallery demonstrates different application techniques to avoid air pockets between processors and coolers.

Safe Application

In contrast to pastes based on metal oxides or liquid metal, ARCTIC MX-5 is neither electrically conductive nor capacitive. This eliminates the risk of short circuits and discharges, plus you don't have to worry about corrosion damage to the cooler base caused by liquid metal.


Since the mere thermal conductivity value cannot provide any information about the actual performance, we put our MX-5 thermal grease up against a broad field of competitors under laboratory conditions. The temperature difference between CPU and cooler base was measured.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

General Data

Viscosity: 550 Poise

Density: 3.2 g/cm³

Continuous Use Temperature: -40~180 ℃

Volume Resistivity: 1.9 X 10^13 Ω-cm

Breakdown Voltage: 250 V/mil

Colour: Blue

Promise: 8 Year Durabillity

Size & Weight (Packaging)

  • Width: 12 mm
  • Height: 136 mm
  • Length: 23 mm
  • Weight: 9 g
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